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Carevolution [consultants who care], is interested in the process of EVolution (e.g. change, growth, org. flow, cutting the red tape, costs reduction and increasing turnover & efficiency). Although sometimes REvolution is the only way forward and we fully recognise and tackle such an eminent situation. We are strategy, organisation, merger/acquistion, management and communication consultants with a curiosity for nearly any industry and a passion for: media, entertainment, creative industries, hospitality, travel, leisure, tourism, retail, wellness, care, charity, professional services, real-estate and automotive. Carevolution is member of the Council of Management Consultants (Orde van organisatiekundigen en -adviseurs) and Christian ter Maat is a Certified Management Consultant (CMC); associated with the International Council of Management Consultancy Institutes (ICMCI).


contact information:


T:  +31(0)206257679
F:  +31(0)848830073

Christian ter Maat MCC, MMC
M: +31(0)651004008

Rapenburgerplein 71
1011 VJ Amsterdam
The Netherlands


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